Astral Pent-DG of superlatives

113849,000 €
1180 Wien, Währing

Astral Pent-DG of superlatives

113849,000 €
1180 Wien, Währing
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BHWB: 45 kWh/m2
Kaufpreis: 849000
Provision: 3% des Kaufpreises zzgl. 20% USt.


Announcement to all lovers of the exquisite!

It must have been a powerful sight when, one dark night, a whole futuristic DG complex consisting of five residential units rushed thunderously and lightning-fast from the sky towards earth to settle on the roof of a massive high-rise building, after which, in the presence of fragments of trombone music blown in by the wind, the ceremonial coronation of the house - the attic conversion - was completed.

Although this magical power quintet of apartments, with its extraordinary architectural design, excellent placement in space and seductive charisma, teleports everyone into the realm of the most beautiful fairy tales, Mr. Ollivander's axiom, (Harry Potter's wand seller), according to which all magical things choose their master themselves, does not apply here, because the privilege of making their own heart's choice is given to everyone!

The spectrum of reactions after the first visit will be endless! The following feeling could be awakened in the present apartment:

"As a high terrace lover, I award the 106,11 m2 large King Size member of this High Tech DG constellation with soul and charm, with my admiration! Its designer deserves to be categorically addressed in the plural of majesty because of his opus eximium (outstanding work)!

Every city-dweller who is catapulted up by the new lightning fast glass elevator will find himself or herself in the sweet embrace of luxurious premises! The height is omnipotent, it radiates magic, a better world opens its virtual gates here. To be on top, even in a metaphorical sense, has always been aspired to, but to be highest is truly a rare privilege!

Bold architectural solutions with mystical charisma enchant the sophisticated local society, which resonates on the same wavelength. The exquisite spatial philosophy gives this grandiose interstellar domicile a flair par excellence!

Terraces woven from sunshine

The two 23 m2 and 15 m2 extra-wide panoramic terraces, offset over one floor, are online non-stop with the sky just an instant away!

Apart from the celebrations, the wellness accessories and the winter-hardy palm trees, the indispensable telescope with tripod also demands its place here, because apart from the Votiv Church, the Millennium Tower, the Giant Wheel, etc...the sky, apocalyptically colored before the storm, the mystical nocturnal events of the universe or the migration of the sun from this observatory, levitating in astral height, literally belong under the magnifying glass!    

In addition to the present apartment, the following 4 apartments are available in the same attic:

A 47.61 m2 large, modern and bright corner garconnière
73,28 m2 living space on 2 levels + a 8,90 m2 south-east terrace
91,83m2 living space on 2 levels + a 15,73 m2 south-east terrace
91,28 m2 living space on 2 levels + a 14,20 m2 eastern terrace
Invitation to a Nightly Across the Universe.

A virtual, seductive flight over the rooftops and towers of Vienna at night, when the zenith fades as the sea of city lights merges with the endless ocean of stars, will sustainably inspire your mind!

By the way...Oscar Wilde also recommended: "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it!

Establisher of the purchase contract: Mag. Benedikt Suhsmann, 1010 Vienna, Helferstorferstraße 4. 

For questions and viewings I am at your disposal at any time!

Tel: 0676 60 24 667 or by email:

With kind regards

Mrs. Ildiko PARI

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass zwischen dem Vermittler und dem Auftraggeber ein wirtschaftliches Naheverhältnis besteht. Der Vermittler ist als Doppelmakler tätig.

Infrastruktur / Entfernungen

Arzt <500m
Apotheke <500m
Krankenhaus <500m
Klinik <1.000m

Kinder & Schulen
Schule <500m
Kindergarten <500m
Universität <500m
Höhere Schule <1.000m

Supermarkt <500m
Bäckerei <500m
Einkaufszentrum <1.500m

Bank <500m
Geldautomat <500m
Post <500m
Polizei <500m

Bus <500m
Straßenbahn <500m
U-Bahn <500m
Bahnhof <500m
Autobahnanschluss <2.500m

Angaben Entfernung Luftlinie / Quelle: OpenStreetMap

Infrastruktur/Entfernungen (POIs)
Arzt 164m
Apotheke 173m
Krankenhaus 140m
Klinik 623m
Kinder & Schulen
Schule 292m
Kindergarten 486m
Universität 488m
Höhere Schule 985m
Supermarkt 207m
Bäckerei 151m
Einkaufszentrum 1.061m
Bank 231m
Geldautomat 229m
Post 229m
Polizei 346m
Bus 123m
Straßenbahn 159m
U-Bahn 192m
Bahnhof 218m
Autobahnanschluss 2.404m

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